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Changing the World of Disability

A Nonprofit Organization Providing Support for the Disabled

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Our Mission

To be a servant leader to the differently abled community. To remove boulders and bring water to those committing to rejuvenate, impact, and desire quality of life. Disability is not a setback in life. We are here to help find alternative capable ways of living with our disabilities. Our team wants to provide apparatuses and financial help to those in need to improve their quality of life.

Different and Able

QOL Group is a nonprofit organization focused on helping persons with disabilities to improve their mobility. We provide walkers, canes,  and other apparatuses that can help them live more independently and boost their confidence. Our goal is to give hope to differently abled people and improve their quality of life through our different programs and causes.


Creating a Community of Hope

Our advocacy’s aim is to give differently abled people the assistance they may need while they live independently. We achieve this by helping them procure mobility aids like walkers and canes that can support and enhance their mobility.

Providing Mobility Aids

Quality mobility aids can be difficult to obtain due to their high price points. That’s why we are asking people to donate to our cause, so we can provide these items to people with disabilities. Using the money donated to us, we’ll give out walkers, canes, and other mobility aids to those who need them. 


Talk to Us

For questions, comments, or concerns about our organization and goals, feel free to contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you.